Ordered a stereo microscope today...AmScope SE350R-PZ (10, 20, 30, and 60X), any other users?


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Apr 23, 2004
So I ordered the aforementioned microscope today, just under $140, kind of on a whim. I had been debating between a cheap jeweler's loupe, magnifying glass, and a digital scope for a few weeks. But after reading a little bit and seeing ratluvr's comments in another thread about the virtues of a stereo microscope I decided to spend the extra cash. That and I sometimes do not have the steadiest hands for whatever reason. I almost went with the model that had the 2x and 4x objectives for 20/40/80x but figured the versatility of the 10/20/30/60 would probably be better.

I'm mainly wanting to use it to sex molts but I'm of the mindset that versatility is always a bonus. It would be neat to look at other parts of exuviums and other random things I find. I had an X. immanis sling die, mid-step based on the position I found it in, and only the abdomen became covered in fungus/mold, not the dead cricket near it, not the substrate, only the spider's abdomen. It was rather strange and I really wish I had had a scope to get closer images of the offending growth on it to try and nail down what it was a bit more. I had never seen anything like it nor had the dealer (to that extent) and one other long time hobbyist/breeder I showed it to. Dealer had seen it on legs before but never an abdomen. The other two immanis are doing fine, thankfully, that was an expensive and upsetting loss.

If I want photos I can just take one via an eyepiece. I'm up to about 80 Ts, most are unsexed slings and juveniles, I'd like to be able to sex some this summer and sell off any extras that I wind up with. Ideally keep at least one female of each species, I have some that I've bought 3-4 of a kind, if I had more than two females of those species I'd keep two and sell the other(s).

Anyone else have this particular model or a similar one? Are you happy with it? Since it's from Amazon I can easily return it if I don't like it or have buyer's remorse.