Orb weaver - all about scale

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Dumpster Fire of the Gods
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Aug 8, 2005
A top flight professional climber carrying an unlimited amount of rope starts a new project.

First off is climb to the top of that 150 foot tall tree then across several similar trees, staying near their tops and up another tree 130 feet taller. At the far side of this tree is a canyon with about eight 200 foot tall trees that must be negotiated before finally going back down to the ground. Alright! That was the easy part.

The next tree to be climbed is a good 1/4 mile plus tall; about 1400 feet. Then on out to the very tip of one of the trees largest branches which is about 500 feet long. Attach a rope then rappel back down to where you started. That was also a pretty easy part.

Crossing another ten 250 foot tall trees at their tops, this time with that rope in hand, you now have to drop down to the ground. On the ground it's a sprint through no mans land of about 800 feet. The no mans land has several hundred thousand heavily armed soldiers spread over the area. All must be avoided while keeping your rope free from getting hooked on something or tangled.

Now a relatively easy part. 720 feet straight up a sheer rock face, 100 feet out an escarpment while upside down, up an easy 100 foot slope then a simple 140 foot vertical climb up another sheer rock face to your destination. Attach the other end of the rope.

Observing a 1 inch inc legs orb weaver paying out the first guy line for it's web from a tree 15 feet away to a corner of the railing of our porch. Scale: 1 inch spider = 6 foot human.