Orb spider threat


Jan 22, 2012
I thought it a slightly interesting note to post here. I got/captured an cat faced orb spider from a person off of kijiji(Canada's version of craig's list). I wish I had saved the original post thread, but it was the odd posts you see on kijiji and similar. The post was for preferably an entomologist to come and take away an orb spider off of his property. The post was kind of funny but it made it sound like the spider was huge(original title was HUGE orb spider) and it was going to eat him and his entire family. Having some interest in tarantulas and curious about this HUGE orb spider, I answered the ad and went to his property during the evening. The daughter was happy to see the "spider people" had come. My husband and I went to the backyard and proceeded to capture the HUGE orb spider which a little to my disappointment was little bigger than a quarter. My husband went into a little speech on the strength of spider silk and got the daughter to hesitating touch the silk. As we started to leave the father asked if we were entomologists, "hobbyists" I corrected and left. I later tried to id the spider online(wish I had taken a picture), but it appeared to be a common "cat face" orb spider, that like to hang around lights. Not really having a great interest in true spiders, I let the thing go, especially considering we are getting to end of season here and the spider was probably weeks away from laying an egg sac and dying.


Aug 23, 2015
Awesome! Good work. By "threat" I thought you were referring to the spider throwing up a threat posture.


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Aug 31, 2012
Interesting story ...

So they really went to all those lengths to get rid of the spider? Don't get me wrong I am glad they did not kill it but I am still a bit puzzled. :confused: