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Opistophthalmus glabrifrons


Old Timer
Jun 20, 2004
-tryign to hold an adult by the telson when it swung up and grabbed me hand, in the prosess of releasing myself it scratched me slightly in the thumb with its stinger.
-the initial pain was a good 4-5 lasted abotu 1 min then subsuded but where he grabbed my hand with its claws hurt for awhile

Ice Cold Milk

Old Timer
Jul 21, 2004
In process of digging up a wild O. glabrifrons, i had it by its tail (large female), and it managed to sting me on my ring finger.
Dull throbbing pain started at the tip of my finger near the sting, then over 5 minutes it moved down my finger. The pain was noticeable, but not intense. 1-2 hours later my forearm ached for another hour. Other than that nothing bad.