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Opistophthalmus ecristatus


Jan 18, 2004
**S.A. Tri Color Sting**

a few days ago, around Jan. 28, 2004, i recieved a sting from a South African Tri-Color Scorpions (Opistophthalmus ecristatus).
For you who have wondered what a "semi-hot" species will do to you, observe the following!
after reviewing information on the species and finding the venom to not be "medicaly significant", i figured no seroius risk but possibly some dis-comfort in the event of an envenomation!
first of all, getting stung was my neglect as i dis-respected the invert and crossed into his domain to "poke around". the tri-color burrowed out a spot beside it's water dish and filled the dish in with dirt. i had to remove the dish to refill with clean water for consumtion. he got really distrubed and decided to go into defence mode (raised tail, upwards claws, etc.). i once again figured that even if i did get stung it wouldn't affect me! that was a big mistake!!!!! in a lighting fast motion and forward thrust of the tail, he nailed the top of my thumb as i was replaceing the water dish! the discomfort was immediate! it felt like a nest of bumble bees (very large honey bees pretty much) was nesting inside my arm and stinging the whole time all the way up to my shoulder! the pain had subsided after about 45 minutes. no swelling or any other side affect were present but the pain, while it lasted, was severe! my advice to all would be that if your going to keep the species, even knowing they won't seroiusly hurt you, it is best to keep your distance and not feel the rath of them! the discomfort can and should be avoided!!! i keep deathstalkers, fat tails, spitters, etc. but the more venomous such as those are treated with more respect and rubbercoated tweezzers and hemostats for any maintenance to the enclosure! i hope this article has been of intrest and future refrence!
Rowdy Kent. New World Reptiles. atheris2004@yahoo.com http://www.newworldreptiles.cjb.net
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Apr 1, 2004
second hand tri-color sting info

This is also a second hand report on a sting incident. An acquaintance of mine who owns a reptile store received a sting from an adult opistophthalmus species on the top of his thumb where the joint is. He said it burned intensely for about an hour or so then left a red spot that itched and throbbed. A few weeks ago I went to see what kinds of scorpions he had and he said every once and awhile his thumb will start to itch in the same place and a sore will develop then just goes away on its own.

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Jan 13, 2008
Mine tagged me awhile back. He managed to get ahold of my finger (Very strong claws!) and stung me twice.

An instant electrical shock :eek: went through my body. Not overly painful, But it was uncomfortable. A mild burning sensation was present at the sting site.

It also made me feel like I had cold symptoms.

All affects went away that night.