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Opisthacanthus sp. (rugiceps)


Aug 15, 2002
The ID on this one is still a little up in the air. Actually, I was working on it when I got stung. I had a live, juvenile (1.5" or so) specimen in a ziplock bag under the scope. I was trying to get a good look at a rather small feature on the chela and the bag was getting in the way. What I usually do in these instances is open the bag and let it get one chela out. I did this -- but unlike larger specimens which can't get their telson up in the limited space of the bag, this one got its telson up and stung me through the bag.

It took me a second to realize I was being stung. It felt like a very, very fine pin prick. I've pricked myself with #2 insect pins before, and this was far less painful. There was a distinct tingling sensation around the sting site for a while, but nothing I would describe as pain and no lasting effects.