Opinions wanted

Slightly Scared

Feb 1, 2011
Right, I have a curly hair that I got a few weeks ago. Great. But he hides lots, not so great. So, as T's are so easy am thinking of getting another.
Only problem is I live on a small island so getting T's can be hard.
The one (yes I did say one) place that has then over here has the following:

Chile Rose.
Pink Toe
or a "Copper Tarantula" which I am guessing P Scofa.

Now the good and bad about them I see is:

Rose, is a pet rock, some nice but some can be nasty, can go off food.
Pink Toe, fast and can jump.
Scofa??? Cannot find so much info on these other then they are viewed as a dwarf chile rose?

Now I am slightly nervous of spiders, which is strange because as a child I always wanted a red knee as it was the ultimate pet, so part of me getting the T was to get over this. Bit harder to do when spider just hides. Now the downside for the pink toe is the whole web thing. Seeing this dark shadow in a web is a bit too much for me to handle at this stage ha ha. But then, if they do come out it may be worth it?

So as you all have experience you guys are the best to ask about the good, the bad and the parts I have not yet thought about.:confused:


Old Timer
Jul 31, 2010
get them all :D

IMO avics (pinktoe) are really neat and fairly active compared to G. rosea. I don't know the third, but if you're set on only getting one then go with the pink toe.

You'll get them all in the end :p


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Aug 2, 2010
So easy to care for I'll just get one more. That's what I said. Now iv got 9 with maybe 3 more coming soon. Lol. Anyway I'd go with the pink toe.


Jan 23, 2011
tropical island?

Maybe you could go catch some T's if you happen to live on a tropical island :)
I have a large A. avic and two avic slings, there neat to watch but sure are fast and love to climb. Roses are what got me started when i was 12 and she ended up being the best pet i could have hoped for.