Oops, that's some old food...


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Aug 8, 2018
A male Xysticus crab spider came bungee-ing down the wall, and since I'm planning to clean the floors and it's still cold outdoors at night, I decided to put him in a little terrarium I still had since I took care of another crab spider two years ago. I gave him water, and now a little later he found the leftovers of a stonefly. I had forgot to remove it. :shy: Now he is eating from it. Do you think it's unhealthy, or could the dried up nutrients still be good?

He doesn't seem to mind, and maybe it's something spiders do when they can't find fresh food?

Edit to add: After I posted this question he left the dead insect and started checking out the rest of the terrarium. I got him a fresh fly that he caught and is now eating. :happy: So all is good. I will release him in the wild later this spring.
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