Old Timer
Feb 6, 2003
Well I get up this morning and the twins start Screaming excitedly again.
Second morning in a row because Yesterday they screamed and did the molt dance for Xenix. Our A. versicolor who molted again just a few short weeks after her last molt. Lil blue bug is in a hurry to grow up. :)

Today they were all excited over Keoche, our demon Usambar, and Slinky our P. cambridgei.

Both decided on a wild webbing project in the night.

Slinky ow had herself a nice corner pocket web hideout in the upper corner of her tank just under her branch. It's a bit fugly on the outside because she stuck substrat all over it for camaflage it seems.But it is Very cool and we have a nice inside view of her when we look in the back.

Keoche has spun a web trail from her flowerpot hide to the end of her branch where it meets the substrat and bult a tended formation along part of it, though it has no openings top go In.
Her webbing is milky white and striking under her bright orange.

I'll post pics as soon as I recharge my camera batteries and get a few shots.

Yay. Our webbers are Finaly webbing!