OMG!! Petco Pulled Through!!!


Feb 26, 2003
A little while back someone posted concerning the living conditions of the Ts at Petcos accross the country. Well I decided to e-mail them and tell them what they are doing wrong with their setups and how to fix them. I explained the water with the sponge in it, the substrate, lighting, leaving of uneaten crickets etc. I didn't really expect to hear much back from them. Well, this morning I got an e-mail in my box saying something like "you comments have been forwarded to the appropriate persons" etc etc. I was figuring "appropriate persons" meaning the trash can. About 10 minutes after checking my e-mail I get a call on my cell phone. Its the manager at the local petco calling to discuss the Ts enclosures. Make a long story short we went over a lot of stuff concerning the Ts and he sounded truly interested and asked for my input on a lot of stuff. Everything from substrate to the water, lighting, everything. He explained that they would be soon changing to bed-a-beast type stuff (not the best but better than bark chips). He said it was hard for them to use a product they don't sell (potting soil, vermiculite etc). Anyways I was glad he called and he told me if I had any more input to not hesitate to contact him. So e-mail petco if you feel they're not doing something right, if you sound intelligent enough and don't just bitch them out they might get back to you and do something about the situation.


Old Timer
Jul 19, 2002
Well, the PetCo in this area recently moved to a new, larger store and while they aren't perfect, they certainly improved.

Tarantulas still have sponges in their water dish, but they atleast have actual dirt (Although it's no where near enough to burrow in. But the closest thing they have to a burrower is a G. Rosea.

But now they sell Boas and Pythons there...I can't help but to worry about all of those people who are going to buy those cute little baby Redtail boas and end up with more than they originally wanted (Red tails aren't huge by snake standards, but they require a lot more space than something like a kingsnake.)


Old Timer
Mar 17, 2003
It was me who recently had a bad experience with PetCo. I appreciate your help toward improving the conditions for the animals they sell. It just seems that my local store didn't seem to care. The first person I talked to was interested to find out all he could about the care of T's, but he said he would have to tell his manager about my suggestions and thats where I think things were dropped. I too will be sending the company a letter to tyr and change things at my local store. I'm glad your area store is listening.