OMG, babies!?!?


Jul 20, 2010
Cigars all around! haha, hi all, today I came home from work, and was checkin up on my critters, and I noticed something looked funny with my Dune scorpion. From a distance it looked like some kind of sickness, but when I looked closer he (well i guess now it's a she) has a whole bunch of teeny tiny baby scorpions on her back! What do I do???? What are my options? Keeping them somehow would be my first choice, but I don't know how feasible that is or what would be involved. If I don't, will the reptile store I got the mom from be interested in taking or even buying them from me? Anyway, totally unexpected!!!! i need info please! thanks all!


Old Timer
Oct 5, 2008
Try to leave her alone as much as possible until the babies molt to 2i. After that you can buy a bunch of lil deli cups either from a wholesale place online or work something out with a local deli or market and buy a few from them. Take the lil guys out and separate them into the cups, emulating the exact same captive conditions as the adult. I have noticed, however that instars require a tad bit more moisture than the adults, but don't overdo it with your desert species. I hope this helps.