Oklahoma Tarantula/Invert Groups?


Dec 11, 2019
Hi y'all! Moved here to Tulsa, Oklahoma for work in July (2020) from Richmond, Virginia . My invert collection is fairly well established now (5 T's, several colonies of isopods, 3 species of roaches in 3 colonies, a scorpion, etc.-- small compared to some but I'm proud of it and my husbandry) and I'm curious if anyone in Tulsa, OK; Oklahoma at large, or anyone from Arkansas near the Ozarks; Dallas/Ft. Worth; Texas, or any surrounding states are part of any local groups or if there are any groups in the area. Joined some Facebook groups but they aren't especially active. (I know that there is a good reptile/herp scene around here but my only animal close to that is my Pac-Man frog; most of what I keep are inverts.)

Love arachnoboards and the field of entomology and it's related cousins (arachnology and whatnot)-- curious if anyone knows of any groups in Oklahoma or this area of invert enthusiasts. If not, would love to make some contacts virtually and maybe start a group eventually :)

Best wishes to all and wishing everyone good health!