(Observed) Captive Solifugid Behaviour


Aug 23, 2010
Just got my first soli' last saturday. Sold as Galeodes Arabicus (black and nocturnal). She definitely was caught in Egypt (i've been informed she is rhagodidae ; ) .)

Thought I would start a thread about any note-able behaviour in captivity.

There is lots of information miss-leading or otherwise all over the internet. So I thought what could be better than a thread of observations that people can draw their own conclusions from.

My observations so far (up-to day 5):

When I introduced her into her new home she seemed quite slow or drowsy. She explored the various lumps of cork bark in the tank for about 20mins then got busy digging under the largest lump of bark. Within about 8 hours she had started to create a dome like mound about 6inches from where she started the tunnel, pushing the soil upwards from underneath. I have offered a cricket or locust from days 2-5 but she is yet to feed. I have not seen her since the initial 20mins. I know she is still alive however as I have been tracking her foot prints in the sand each morning (then flattening areas off for the next night.)

day temp: 28c (approx)
night temp: 20-22c (approx)
Humidity: n/a

As of yet I haven't put my hygrometer in the tank as my emp' is using it and i'm sure the soil mixed in with the sand will provide some moisture for a couple of weeks.
I am a beginner at invert care. I only have experience keeping an emp prior to getting my soli' but figured everyone is going on various random bits of information from the 'net until they keep one and I had a couple of weeks to play around with insulation to get the temps right (Egypt forecast bookmarked on my browser :) ) so why not give it a try.

I'm sure you've gathered by now I'm not particularly articulate or scientific :p
but I hope this information coupled with many (hopefully) more accounts from owners will be of some help to first time keepers.

I will keep you updated as and when any more note-able behaviour occurs.

What could be better than a thread of observations that people can draw their own conclusions from? ... A thread of observations that doesn't take 4 paragraphs to say nothing particular at all!

... sorry for the length.
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