Nycteola Species?


Old Timer
Sep 16, 2009
Does anybody know moths very well? When I find something I haven't seen before I like to see if I can identify it. I found this guy trapped in our house and making quite a fuss. It was a little over an inch long and maybe a little over an inch and a half wide with wings spread. It spread the top wing nearly straight out to the side to fly revealing an all-white underwing, slightly smaller. Then it tucked them both back like the picture to land. It was really quite pretty, particularly in flight. Striking black and white. The picture doesn't quite do it justice. I could find some pictures on-line that were similar but none quite like this one. Could be an area thing I suppose.
I live in B.C. in Canada, in the Okanagan valley. I think it might be a Nycteola of some type? Any help?