NY Metro Reptile Show - April 22nd


Old Timer
Aug 30, 2005
I think its Phormictopus altrichromatus. I bought one myself.
Is that what it is? I was confused once I got home because I couldn't remember what Tommy said it was so it was a toss up between altrichromatus and antillensis. I even googled the common name "Red Island Birdeater" and got an equal split on ID's, so I just sorta guessed. It personally looks more like P. altrichromatus to me, and frankly I'm hoping it is since every description I read seemed to describe these as "an extremely aggressive new world species". I love a saucy little T. They are really goregous though even at like an inch - black with what looks like a tuff of lavender hairs on the abdomen right above the spinnerettes. If I actually had light in my apt I would take some pictures, but I'll leave that up to J.T. since he is better with the camera than I am.