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Northwest Invertebrates (www.northwestinverts.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by ArachnoPapa, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. jrmrbcax

    jrmrbcax Arachnoknight

    Oh wait..I just held him and counted his legs. They are all there. WTF! Who's is it lol
  2. HaploFool

    HaploFool Arachnoknight

    Once Again... Awesome!!

    Dealing with Dean has been a fantastic experience for me all around. He is reliable, trustworthy, friendly and unbelievably reasonable!! Since I have been back in this hobby (since February 08) I have only two or three constants that I deal with and Dean is, and shall remain, one of them. I cannot praise him highly enough!! Thanks man! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
  3. Juraki

    Juraki Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Another Fantastic Experience

    Dean is simply one of the finest dealers I've ever had the pleasure of doing business with! His spiders are top notch and cared for expertly. Keep up the great work!

    I will be doing business again soon! Thanks again!!
  4. I bought and recieved an adult female P. Regalis from NWInverts earlier in the week. She was described as 6" + but stretched out is EASILY 7" and she is so beautiful. She is in GREAT shape. I know they took care of her well. Besides, she was packed to survive a nuclear explosion. Huge deli cup packed full of paper towels, inside of 2 boxes seperated with foam peanuts. Best packing job I've seen yet. I am very satisfied.
  5. jrmrbcax

    jrmrbcax Arachnoknight

    Ordered a 4" Giant White Knee

    6" Giant White Knee came in

    beautiful shipping. fantastic service

    love it.

  6. dragontears

    dragontears Arachnoknight Old Timer

    I don't know why I've never written a review for Dean. I've been doing business with him since March 2005 and every transaction has gone smoothly. I've bought, traded, sold and done breeding loans with him over the years and not only has he been great with every transaction, he is also available for questions when I was a newbie and had fears that my spiders weren't acting right. He's been very flexible with meeting up as well and I have been able to drop things off/pick things up at his house when that was more convenient than shipping. I would highly recommend dealing with him on any level.
  7. Godzirra

    Godzirra Arachnobaron

    This was my first purchase online,
    my purchase: Heteroscodra 3/4 sling

    Well packaged!! It was packed in a small box, that had newspaper filling, then a container with paper towels stuffed in it, then within that was my little sling, in a small container, filled with paper towel.
    It was very cosy and obviously no room for hardcore damage.

    My sling was very active and alive.:eek:
    definately will do business with again!
  8. slvdv

    slvdv Arachnopeon

    I recieved 10 Avicularia avicularia slings from Dean yesterday. All arrived in very good shape. Very well packaged. Good conmunication. Thanks for a wonderful transaction. Thanks
  9. Mina

    Mina Arachnoking Old Timer


    Dean is great to deal with!!!!! I've done some breeding loans and some trading with him and he is wonderful!!
    He is kind, understanding of scheduling conflicts (there were some), and he has beautiful spiders. His packing is out of this world!! What else can I say, buy from Dean you won't be sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. reptscue

    reptscue Arachnopeon


    I just completed a trade with Dean.
    Everything went well. And his Ts are beautiful!
  11. johnharper

    johnharper Arachnobaron Old Timer

    I bought 8 b. smithi slings from N.W Inverts. Dean is a great guy to do business with I also currently have some desert hairy scorpions and p. irmirnia coming in from Dean next week. I highly reccomend him to anyone whos looking for quality specimens.

  12. Taipan

    Taipan Arachnosquire

    Last week I bought several Australian T's and a Suntiger from Dean. His service and communication was great. I didn't have to wonder where things were at. He also answered all my questions promptly. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again.
  13. Harrod

    Harrod Arachnoknight Old Timer


    Received to great looking mature males from Dean. Everything about the transaction was perfect! I would do business with him again.

  14. xenesthis

    xenesthis Arachnobaron Old Timer



    I needed a particular species of scorpion for an export order and Dean assisted me in shipping me the needed species quickly.

    Excellent comms, quick shipping and Dean's collector provided top notch quality scorps. Good guy.
  15. Freakin Awesome

    I ordered 5 T's from Dean one of which he had trouble getting a hold of at the last minute and replaced it with my choice of T's as well as offering two freebies with no hassles at all. Thanks to our wonderful post office, the package came beat to holy hades. All 5 T's were in pristine condition inside the torn up package. I will be doing repeat business with Dean based on his excellent attitude and packaging.
  16. Jmugleston

    Jmugleston Arachnoprince Old Timer


    Dean made a generous offer for a spider I had available. Everything went well and I received my slings in great condition. I'll definitely do business with him again.
  17. I just made a 2nd purchase (an Aphonopelma sp. paysoni 3+" female) from Dean and was once again very satisfied with his customer service. He helped me work out shipping for a day I was off work and she was well packed again. She arrived plump and very well cared for and is already becoming one of my favorite T's. She's always walking around, digging holes and moving around dirt ... she actually makes me laugh quite often. Also she's got the sweetest temperament, even nicer than my Chaco and Roseas. Buy from Dean and NWI with confidence. :clap: :worship:
  18. Harrod

    Harrod Arachnoknight Old Timer


    I received an beautiful female from Dean today. Packing and commincation was perfect as always. Great guy to deal with.

  19. I ordered from this place on November 30th and never heard anything from them. No B. Smithi was ever delivered. Now I have to go through the paypal claim process. What a PITA!!!
  20. NorthwestInverts

    NorthwestInverts Arachnosquire Old Timer

    To Wednesday: Why did you not contact me? When you placed the order on Nov 30 you requested the package to arrive on Dec 16 (tuesday) but you only paid for PRIORITY MAIL shipping. I sent you an email stating that I could not ship PRIORITY and have it arrive next day delivery to you. You did not respond to that email. I also sent you a follow up email and did not receive a response to that either. I can forward you those emails. Then today (the day you were wanting to receive your package) I get a paypal dispute from you. Not sure why that is, why didnt you just contact me? I have been trying to get ahold of you since you ordered to clear up the issue of the shipping method that you selected...If you are not happy I would have made it right with you and then some. I don't cheat people. You are welcome to have your money back if that's what you want.
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