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Northwest Invertebrates (www.northwestinverts.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by ArachnoPapa, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. ArachnoPapa

    ArachnoPapa Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Dean was a really friendly guy to deal with. With the deal he sent me two freebies including a 4+ inch H.maculata and a A.clarki. The tarantulas came fast, when promised and in great condition. Over all great bussiness! I have saved him in my favorites folder. :)
  2. roylemom

    roylemom Arachnopeon

    Agreed! Great dealer!

    :D Very happy with my order. Dean was super quick on responding to my emails, fast shipping my order and always very pleasant. He had a good special going and I also recieved a freebie!
  3. Two4booking

    Two4booking Arachnopeon


    Dean is the dealer to use for quality tarantulas. He will take time out to answer your questions and give advice within hours of sending him a question. I have bought tarantulas from Dean on two occasions and he is the first dealer I think of when I want to get new pets. I reccomend his services to anyone who is interested in buying quality tarantulas and having and expert answer your questions whenever you need it. Dean will even help answer questions about tarantulas you have purchased from other dealers. I would pick Dean for my business any day of the week and I hope you do the same.....Great person with great tarantulas and experience!
  4. MyNameHere

    MyNameHere Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Good Times at the Taratula Stop!

    Definitely a POSITIVE experience. I knew what I was looking for, so I was glad when I saw Dean's Post on another site's "classifieds". When I emailed him to ask if he still had any Avicularia versicolor slings available and told him how many I was thinking of ordering, he quickly repsonded in the affirmative and quoted a discounted price for the numbers I was interested in buying. The order arrived quickly and well-packed and included an extra sling as a freebie! Dean has done well to answer all my questions in a timely manner, and I'll be sure to check his site first when I'm looking for inverts in the future. I'll definitely recommend tarantulastop.com to anyone looking for the same.
  5. spidergoddess

    spidergoddess spidergoddess Old Timer


    I received my special sale order of 5 good-looking, healthy A. versicolor slings today, with two A. avicularia freebie slings as an added bonus. WOW. Dean Pittman's service was fantastic in every way - great email contact, concern for weather on shipping dates, and well-packed spiders. The price was amazing, and I certainly didn't expect to get freebies along with the versicolors. Thanks so very much for everything, Dean! You get my highest recommendation.

    Frances Dorman
  6. jet

    jet Arachnopeon

    What a wonderful guy!

    Dean is super sweet! I would have to say that he is what I consider as being one of the more professional arachnid dealers out there. He is serious about his business and with giving excellent customer service. I have presented him with lots of questions regarding tarantulas and scorpions, and he has never been too busy to reply back promptly with the answers. I placed an order yesterday for 2 of his Guyana Pink Toes that he is currently having a special on, another Mexican Red Knee and an Israeli Death Stalker Scorpion. They (along with a Ft. Worth Bronze as a “freebie”) were delivered to me today in a tight and neat little package. I am very fond of the Mexican Red Knee tarantulas, but I must say that the little Pink Toes are the cutest little buggers that I have ever seen. Even though I had already read up on the Israeli Death Stalker, Dean emailed me twice to make sure that I knew all that I may be facing with this as a pet. It is nice to know that there are dealers out there that are just as interested in their customer’s safety and satisfaction as making the sale. That means a lot to me as a customer. I am very pleased with his packing method and the superb quality of his “critters.” I strongly recommend that anyone who is a beginner or old-timer in the tarantula trade utilize his services.

    P.S. I just joined as a member with http://www.arachnopets.com today, thanks to Dean!
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2004
  7. jet

    jet Arachnopeon

    Follow up from previous posting

    Just wanted to let everyone know that if you do not have a "Guyana Pink Toe," you don't know what you are missing! They have the most unique little walk and are so sweet! The two that I received from Dean yesterday (named "Nemo & Dori") were so precious that I have decided on ordering 3 more and in addition to my order a family member of mine who saw and held these little darlings yesterday decided that she too must have two for herself. So, I am placing another order with Dean this morning for 5 more! At $4 a piece for a pet that is not only just beautiful but sweet as well, I can't help myself. My son who suffers from "Arachnophobia" could not resist from holding one as well. I send out a BIG thank you to Dean for the many T's that I have ordered in the past and present from him, and for helping me rid my son of his longtime fear of these marvelous gentle giants! I look forward to doing much more business with you, so keep up with what you are doing! I appreciate the good deals and freebies as well!!!


    Lisa Utley
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2004
  8. XxAWoLxX

    XxAWoLxX Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Dean you're the Greatest

    Grade A service answered all my questions retured all my calls he even stayed up late last night searching for the fastest shipping so i could get them ASAP then when i recieved them they were snug as a bug in a rug (sorry that was lame :8o ) i will definetelly do business again in-fact i'm getting my order ready right now :)

    thanks again Dean,

  9. Garrick

    Garrick Arachnobaron Old Timer


    I did a trade with Dean. His communication was prompt and professional, he shipped the same time I did and quickly sent a tracking number. The packing was great, and the spiders are awesome!

    I would not hesitate to do business with Dean at tarantulastop.com. He's very fair, reliable, and professional.


  10. Ssspidermom

    Ssspidermom Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Thank you, Dean!!

    This is a real first - I had a boy and wanted a girl, and Dean had more girls than he needed, but really needed a boy!! What do you know - a match made in heaven!! We did a trade, and needless to say, I am delighted. Dean was very prompt, the spiders arrived in wonderful condition, and it is a real pleasure to find someone who isn't averse to trading a girl for a boy. Thank you, Dean. You are definitely a special spider guy!! :D
  11. flamingo-kid1

    flamingo-kid1 Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Dean's been good for years!!!

    I first dealt with Dean several years ago when I lost my spidey in my shop :eek: (of all places.. eeeeeek!) www.oddlyenoughcurioshoppe.com Go there and tell me where you think a spidey might hide!! :?

    and he tried to help me find her. But she hid too well, and fell down ONE STAIR and "broke.".. I felt SO GUILTY :( and Dean talked me into trying again.. he kindly replaced my wandering Rosie with a BEAUTIFUL young female whom I still have. ***

    Now, several years later, my mentally impaired adult son is interested in spider keeping, and I am enlarging our collection, so we turned to Dean again.. I bought a Fort Worth Brown 'ling, and he threw in a tiny Curly.. the cutest thing! {D

    The packing job was GREAT, :clap: and Dean is VERY knowledgeable.. ask him a question and he's back to you within a few hours. :clap:

    I would have no hesitation in shopping with him again, any time!

    RC Holmberg
    Rockford, IL
  12. Garrick

    Garrick Arachnobaron Old Timer


    I got my order from Dean yesterday, and again the packing was outstanding, the transaction was super easy, and communication was excellent.
    Dean Pittman is very professional and reliable, and his spiders are healthy and well-cared for.

  13. Mendi

    Mendi Arachnowolf Old Timer


    My first time buying from Dean but don't think it will be my last! I got another Aphono (clarki) and a B.albo came along for the trip to keep her company :)

    Very well packaged and ready to grow up. The experience went great, and if you're reading trying to decide, stop reading and get your order in. :D I bet you will find you are more than satisfied with the results and the additions to the your collection, just like I am
  14. galeogirl

    galeogirl Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Northwest Invertebrates


    I first contacted Dean by email to make some inquiries about his stock. He got back to me promptly within 24 hours and answered all of my questions to the best of his ability.

    I met him in person at last weekend's Unique Animal Expo in Hillsboro, Oregon. Dean was very friendly and helpful and his animals were beautiful. I ended up making most of my purchases from him and he gave me two P. murinus slings as a freebie!

    I will definitely do business with Dean again.
  15. cryptly

    cryptly Arachnobaron


    Dean was excellent. :) Communication was great. Very quick responses to email. The T's were shipped on time and packed very well. There were so many layers of padding it took me awhile to find the box the T's were actually in. :D I don't think they ever realized they were shipped.

    The T's themselves arrived very healthy looking and energetic. Obviously well cared for. The P. murinus wasn't afraid to show her displeasure at being moved into a new home. {D Beautiful T's each and every one.

    I wouldn't hesitate to order from Dean again. An all around plesant experience. :clap:
  16. smokejuan

    smokejuan Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Thumbs Up!


    The whole transaction went smooth. Stayed in contact. Packing was outstanding....I think you could have tossed it of a cliff with out any losses. Got 2 Eucratoscels pachypus -Tanzanian Stout-Leg - juv/adults,
    2 Citharishius crawshayi - King Baboon - 1" , 2 Goliath Birdeater Tarantula -Theraphosa blondi- Captive Bred Spiderlings and a mess of little curly hairs and one crazy P. murinus as one of my freebies. I had to see what the OBT was all about and it lives up to its nickname...lol Lets just say it has a lot of heart. All T's where in great condition and good quality.

    Thanks Dean,
  17. chris73

    chris73 Arachnoknight


    I like Dean. He was helpful and friendly. Even after the sale! Rare indeed! Shipped when he said it would and packed beautifully. Double boxed as a matter of fact. I would not hesitate to buy from NW Inverts again and I recommend them highly!
  18. Pofecks

    Pofecks Arachnosquire Old Timer


    Give a synopsis of what the deal was.
    One word, perfect! I purchased a 3” Female T.Blondi from Dean 7/6 and received it 7/7. Beautiful little girl, and very active as well.

    What was good about the deal/dealer.
    We had a bunch of emails exchanged back and forth Tuesday due to MY shipping issues that needed to be figured out. This thread describes my issue ...
    Dean and I worked out the shipping without any hassle and I cant say enough how impressed I am by his fantastic customer service, fast email replys, and care in packing.

    What could have been better about the deal/dealer.
    Well honestly I cant think of anything that could be better, although it would be nice if he picked up and moved closer to Florida. {D

    A brief conclusion.
    Great packing job
    Fast email responses
    First class customer service

    I would recommend him to others looking for a no hassle purchase and I myself will definitely do business with Dean again.

    Thanks Dean! :clap:
  19. baboons24

    baboons24 Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Positive :D
    I'm really pleased with dean's service he was awsome on communcation, called to tell me when he was going to ship after the temp cool down in my area. He told me when he was going to ship and it arrived when he said it would. Packing was very goood and the T's were in perfect condition looked real good. This was my first time ordering through the mail and I was kinda worried, but i'm confident that dean will take care of mr when order. I look forward to making my next purchase soon. :drool:

    baboons24 (justin)
  20. cryptly

    cryptly Arachnobaron


    Recieved my order of 2 B. emilia and 1 C. marshalli. :) Dean was amazing, just as he was with my first order. Very quick replies to email. Shipped on time. Excellent packing job, I don't think anything could've disturbed the Ts during shipping. The Ts were in excellent health, obviously well cared for. He even included 2 freebies! 2 teeny-tiny A. clarki slings. {D

    I wouldn't hesitate to reccomend Dean. :clap: He's a pleasure to do business with. :clap:
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