noob help.. gravid signs


Old Timer
Mar 18, 2007
hello people... buddies. im kinda new here so i just wanna ask a simple question. i hope you guys wouldnt mind helping me out.:D i have this red claw *adult* but i dunno if shes gravid coz she is just plain fat and have not eaten for weeks now. i know being fat and pregnant is almost the same. and i also know that scorps not eating is normal but could you fellas please help me check for some signs if she is gravid or not?

another question.. sorry if im such a noob but is it possible eventhough there is a chance that she is gravid, if i put a partner with her in her enclosure? would they mate again? is that bad?

and another question, what does a red claw need in her enclosure? flat rocks? wood?

thank you so much guys. your help is greatly appreciated. il try to post some pics later. :D :D :D :D

Mr. Mordax

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Oct 22, 2006
I dunno about the gravid signs, but as far as enclosures go, it should be pretty much like an emp. Any burrow-inducing hide should be fine.