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NJ Pets - E. Hanover, NJ




Location: 142 state highway #10, East Hanover, NJ
Phone: (973) 515-8665
General: This store is really not a place that a serious invert collector would do business with.

Care: Poor. All the inverts are kept on gravel chips, with no cover, under heat lamps without a water dish. Scorpions are kept communally in tiny containers.

Staff: Unknowledgable, and several have outrght lied to me. If you consider making a purchase, ask to speak to Mike (Not me!). He has brown hair in a ponytail.

Inventory: Limited. Basically, it is one species of millipede (African Giant), emperor scorpions, and rose hairs. Once I saw what I thought might have been an A. urticans, but I never got a positive I.D., because the staff has no idea what they are selling. They also have one cobolt blue, priced at $80.00 (Looks like a sub-adult).

Prices: Medium. 20.00 average for any invert, unless it is higher.

Bottom line: I only go there because I need to buy crickets.