newest genus or species discovered


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Nov 8, 2007
There is plenty on information on the site regarding the latest classification list. I believe it is posted by Zoltan and not too long ago.

This things are not candy, not everyday a new specie, let alone a genus, just appears out of the blue like a soda flavor.
Theres a lot of work behind a single revision


Nov 19, 2010
I understand it takes a long time I'm not talking about one found today. I'm asking what is the newest introduced to us that is confirmed a new genus or species.

Thank protectyaaaneck those were quite helpful

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I'll look for the link here in a bit but I guess two guys found a "secret area" (they kept saying they wouldn't disclose the info.) But anyway they found an area loaded with colonies I'd pokies. All sorts of species from the genus living in the exact same area. Please don't quote me on all of it till I post the link. It was only brief skimming through the article. And they think they found a long lost poecilotheria sp.

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This was all from me being bored and the vast internet powered by Google.=p