Newbie with Q's: Baby Florida Ivory Striped Millipedes in my tank?!


Jul 25, 2007
I have 4 adult Chicobolus spinigerus or Flordia Millipedes, I was told they would not breed, I was not planning on it--while love is in the air...I first spotted very CUTE and very tiny .5 cm millipedes in my tank on 7/24/07. They are not a dark plum color on top stripping to a cream pink bottom and on to their legs, yet they are a lite pink, some are a little purpley on top..As of today my count is 30, and this is only on the surface..

Please if someone can answer one or any of the questions please do, as I am having trouble finding info on FM breeding and babies...So the list of Questions:

1. Should I stop misting everyday, will the babies drown??
2. Should I add any new foods (I have been cal. dusting zucchini flowers, carrots, apple, leavey veggies)?
3. What is the averge lot of eggs, do they lay more then one??
4. How long (time wise and how big should they be) before they are easier to handle, I feel like I would crush them now they are so tiny?
5. How long and big before I can ship them?

Thanks so much!