New T's on the way ... any advice on...


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Aug 2, 2006
a few new T's i havent really seen around .. any advice on them?? just ordered them ....

i ordered some T's from Swiftinverts again.. and i wanted to get some that i never really see or hear that many people have Ex-rose hairs, AVics , Brachys and so on... so i picked these few up along with some others i kno about these ones though i really dont see to many helpful topics about on the mentioned below ... so if anyones has cared for these in the past or has had them your input would be much appreciated .. mind you the biggest ones only gonna be a inch and i know i could look topics up on the net but .. i just wanted personal input... any words would help! thanks again..
hehe this makes 13 T's in my colection .. WOHOOOOOO! :D

Brazilian Black and White (Nhandu coloratovillosus)
Indian Violet (Chilobrachys fimbriatus)
Ecuadorian Purple-Bloom (Pamphobeteus sp.)
Haitian Brown (Phormictopus cancerides)

i also bought a Curly hair and a Mex Red knee(<-- been lookin for ages )
if you wanna throw some info on these it would be cool but im not worried about these 2 really.. like i said im more than sure im gonna be ok but .. I JUST love input from evryone since you guys gave me food for thought alot of times..... okie dokie im gonna stop blabbin now

-seanc :razz:
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Jan 14, 2007
the only one i can speak about is the Red Knee (since i have one).

They enjoy dry dry DRY substrate so you won't need to be misting the ground often (or maybe even at all) just make sure there is a water source for drink/a bit of humidity.

Mine enjoys hiding so make sure there's a hide available. Moreover, they are a pretty docile tarantula (Mine isn't very active at all, it doesn't web or dig) However, i know the Red Knee slings like to dig about, so you might get lucky and get some entertainment.

Regardless, they sure are a "pretty" species.

Enjoy the new arrivals!


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Jan 5, 2007
my Nhandu coloratovillosus is pretty calm, the odd time when i open the cage to feed, it will take off and hide. mine is pretty quick but has never shown any signs of aggression not even hair filcking.
they are a really good lookin T

i also have a P. cancerides but it is only about an inch long. it is really cool watching it eat. I've only had it for about 2 weeks so i'm still learning as well

hope this helps