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New Scolopendra heros Enclosure + Setup: What Do You Guys Think?

Discussion in 'Myriapods' started by Teds ts and Inverts, May 22, 2019.

  1. Teds ts and Inverts

    Teds ts and Inverts Arachnoknight Active Member

    This enclosure looks ALOT nicer than the Sterilite Container he/she was previously in. It’s got a locking lid to prevent any escapes. The screen lid also allows excess moisture to quickly evaporate, which is rather important, as S. heros are fairly susceptible to mycosis. Any hidden issues with this setup that I’m not seeing?

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  2. RTTB

    RTTB Arachnoprince

    I contend 4-6 inches of substrate needed.
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  3. NYAN

    NYAN Arachnoking Active Member

    It looks too moist at the moment. Hopefully you are going to let it dry out.

    I like using rocks and pebbles in my heros enclosures. I’ve actually started including it in a lot of enclosures now as well as a higher amount of sand. Everyone seems to like it.
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  4. Teds ts and Inverts

    Teds ts and Inverts Arachnoknight Active Member

    Oh yes, I was going to let it dry out. In fact, I actually took it into my kitchen and let it sit in the sun for a couple hours, just to let it dry out some more. And I figure that the screen lid will allow excess moisture to evaporate quicker.
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  5. kermitdsk

    kermitdsk Arachnosquire

    I personally don't like the setup at all, looks way too sterile, I think it should look a bit like naturally Habitat. And as mentioned before I would use more substrate and also drier. Apart from that I would cut out the silicone joints in the inside corners (escape safety) ;)
  6. mantisfan101

    mantisfan101 Arachnoangel Active Member

    More sub and maybe a layer of dead leaves. Allow the sub to dry out and make sure there are no ways for it to escape as well like @kermitdsk said.
  7. Ratmosphere

    Ratmosphere Arachnoking Active Member

    Way too moist man! Possibly mix some coco fiber to dry it out a bit. This way you will be adding more substrate for it to burrow too.
  8. Teds ts and Inverts

    Teds ts and Inverts Arachnoknight Active Member

    I actually prefer my enclosures to look clean, just my personal preference I guess. And as mentioned above, I’m letting the sub dry out. I already made sure that the enclosure is escape proof, but just in case, what do you use to cut out the silicone?
    Last edited: May 23, 2019
  9. Teds ts and Inverts

    Teds ts and Inverts Arachnoknight Active Member

    Yeah I know it’s a bit too moist at the moment, so I’m letting it dry out. Unfortunately I don’t have any substrate that isn’t moist at the moment.
  10. kermitdsk

    kermitdsk Arachnosquire

    I build all my enclosures by myself and I always cut of the silicone with a razor blade. With a razor blade you can cut absolutely clean, you'll not see silicone anymore.
  11. I don't see any issue with the substrate depth, but I would add more leaves/bark.
    I keep my pedes on a couple inches of peat mixed with coarse sand in a roughly 50/50 ratio, with several leaves and bits of bark.
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  12. Teds ts and Inverts

    Teds ts and Inverts Arachnoknight Active Member

    Alrighty, I’ve got some leftover pieces of cork bark, so I’ll add a couple more into the enclosure. Thanks for the input :)
  13. Pinchednerve

    Pinchednerve Arachnosquire Active Member

    Hows that centipede doing? did you make ant changes to the set up?
  14. Teds ts and Inverts

    Teds ts and Inverts Arachnoknight Active Member

    He/She is doing great! I added another piece of cork bark and let the substrate dry out. So I haven’t really made any major changes. The setup is similar to the previous one, so I’m not concerned about the pede’s well-being :)
  15. Pinchednerve

    Pinchednerve Arachnosquire Active Member

    nice to hear....Thanks for the update, Im setting up a tank for a new Centipede I'm hoping to pick up and thanks for the ifno
  16. Aline

    Aline Arachnopeon

    Is cutting out the silicone supposed to be to stop them from being able to crawl up? Won't that make the tank fall apart? Thanks!
  17. Cubic95

    Cubic95 Arachnopeon

    The silicone is there to help with water. Ya know the structural integrity from the pressure of water and not letting it leak.
  18. kermitdsk

    kermitdsk Arachnosquire

    The silicone is the glue that holds the glass together. It is not a problem at all to cut off excess silicone, you do not cut off the adhesive surface. And yes they can't crawl up because there is no silicon anymore, they can't walk on glas.
    Not really we don't use it as aquarium so water is a subordinate problem.
  19. Pinchednerve

    Pinchednerve Arachnosquire Active Member

    the silicone in between the glass will hold it together ,but will no longer be suitable for water
  20. kermitdsk

    kermitdsk Arachnosquire

    Depends on how good it's glued. I build all my Scolo tanks by my own and I always cut off the excess silicone and I could use all tanks as aquarium 100% waterproof.
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