New Pet...Scolopendra Subspinipes


Old Timer
Jan 5, 2005
Wow my pede only eats about 2 large crickets every week, am I underfeeding it?
@Juggalo - Hehe, I've actually started to wonder if my two subspinipes are being overfed. They're both around 8 or so inches in length, and quite girthy! I was thinking about cutting the number of crickets back to like 6 or so. I'd hate to transform my two vicious pedes into walking sausages!

i only feed my larger pedes (~6"bl) like 1-1.5 times a month and only a single adult lobster roach at a time.

like with most other bugs, you shouldn't so much be feeding according to a schedule as feed to a desired fatness. like, Re- said... his are starting to get fat so he is considering feeding less.

basically when i feed, i adjust what size roach i feed out according to how the bug looks. of course, this means you have to pay a little more attn to each bug and have at least a cursory familiarity with what they should look like... but i found this is much easier to do than keep some sort of random schedule.