new pede


Old Timer
Jul 19, 2002
well i just got a new veitnamese pede today, about 8-9" max., its pretty hyper ate a huge noth already looks pretty morbid , almost alein lol, this is the 3rd pede i've owned the other s i had died during shipping or shortly after, anyhow ... i have it in a 10 gallon tank with about 2" of peat, a lage peice of bark for it to crawl under and a wide water dish, should this be sufficent? or should i give it deeper soil it has been digging and seems to have found a spot near the bark it likes also it was hiding under their for some time... i'll get pics up soon, i think i just started something bad, becasue now i want a peurto rican giant pede lol and S. heros, oh i got another to day too S. mutilans? from texas, any one have advice how i should keep this little thing its only like say 1.5-2.5" its small, thanks--Jeff