New owner of brachypelma emilia


Mar 3, 2021
Not always if you watch them at night! Sometimes they also use their hole space.
This is true, sometimes my hamorii likes to go on a big walk around and explore, other times she won't move an inch for 12 hours 😅


Old Timer
Jan 22, 2009
Ok, I've skimmed through the thread and it the OP has been given great advice. I'm just going to add my thoughts if that's ok with you.

From what I've read and heard from others, a front opening enclosure is never a good idea for a terrestrial T, the major reason being that it just doesn't allow you to add adequate amounts of substrate. However, you can always use it for an Arboreal T, so it isn't a real mistake to have purchased it.

Anything from Kritter Keepers to plastic shoebox enclosures would be a much better choice for your B. emilia.
You can easily fill up half of the depth with substrate, giving it the opportunity to burrow if it wishes.
Many terrestrials are heavy bodied and can easily lose their grip while climbing. I would switch the skull for a piece of cork bark. It's much, much lighter and should your T accidentally fall on it, there's much less chance of possible injury. As everybody said, cricket gel I s suitable for the insects, but the T will do well with fresh water. I've been using tap water for a decade or more and have not had any issues thus far. Feeding is up to you. It can be a cricket a week or 6-8 crickets once a month. Just go with what works for you.

I hope this helps.