New H. Gigas tank setup.


Old Timer
Feb 22, 2007
Hey all.

Today I went ahead and did some redesigning of my adolescent H. Gigas' enclosure. I went ahead and took out the old eco-earth and replaced it with some fresh and wet stuff.

Previously I just leveled the dirt off at about 6 inches and set up some big park pieces, and eventually the guy made a pretty deep burrow under the planks.

This time I went ahead and set the dirt up around 8 inches, with a small layer of pepples at the bottom for a "drain", that will allow water to sit, along with more moss on the top for additional moisture, etc. In the front-right corner I put in a paper towel tube and packed the wet soil around it and then pulled it out, leaving a premade burrow, with visibility whenever i uncover it with the taped paper.

I noticed my spider almost instantly walked around and went into the burrow, seems to like it, already made a few small webs at the bottom.

My question is, is this a good setup for the species, I've seen it done for some Haplopelma specimens, and considering these guys love to burrow so much, I wanted to see if this is an optimal idea, or do you find it best to let them work. The soil seems to be sticking in its shape wonderfully.

Thanks for the input guys. I'll try to get some pics.