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Aug 4, 2005
my daughter says its a dog, I'm not sure yet. the people that had her were giving her flea baths twice a week :eek: . her skin was bright red and had sores all over her. had been hitting her alot. every time we would touch her she would start yelping and fall over. but shes doing much better and we are getting her skin healed up.
getting along with the cats real well other than getting beat up a couple of times. she's learning how far she can push play time and when they want to be left alone.
only problem i cant figure out is she wont eat or drink unless one of us is standing by her bowl. she was really dehydrated when we got her and would love to get her to drink without someone standing guard. any one have any suggestions. Ive never had one of these so I'm not real familiar with their personality.
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