New dog!


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Jul 31, 2010
I just got my first dog;

He's 8 weeks old and really trainable so far. (ie with in 24 hours I have him walking on the leash properly.

He is afraid of door ways and stairs, does any one have suggestions / tips for helping me get him used to walking through doorways (with doors, ie going in and out for walks)

Also any training tips are welcome as I've never trained a dog before.

after thought:

See how shiny and black he is in the photo? When i picked him up he was covered in poop and dirt. I didn't realize how dirty he was till i got to the pet store and the lady felt bad for him and gave me a discount on a giant bottle of shampoo. It was disgusting I don't know how people can let their home get like that, let alone their pets.

(PS: he has a real dog bed now not that cushion he's on in the photo)


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Feb 24, 2011
He's adorable! Part labrador?

Be consistant with the potty training. Keep in mind that you can not rely on a puppy to be housebroken until they're around 4 months. Some puppies have better bladder control than others...but it's unreasonable to expect most puppies to have much control until roughly that age.

Use a potty training command (I use 'puddle' as in 'go make a puddle'). As soon as he piddles/poops give LOTS of ENTHUSIASTIC praise! That will help with the training - and is very useful down the road when you need them to hurry up and go - then they know what you expect of them.

Make sure you get his shots started immediately. Neuter him around 6-9 months. Some people are proponents of early neutering, but I'm not. I prefer my dogs to physically mature a bit before neutering.

And sign up for puppy classes - excellent for socialization, and then do at least one class of beginner obedience - more socializtion and gets the puppy listening to you when out and about (with all those interesting distractions). Check with the Regina Kennel Club for classes. If they're not offering any, they may be able to recommend someone qualified who is teaching.

As far as doorway fears go...just take him through slowly...and then LOTS of praise again! You can also leave him on one side...go through yourself, call him to you...lots of praise and a wee bit of a treat (don't give too many treats).

Last bit of advice before I write a book: Chose your command words carefully and then be consistant with them. Everyone in your household uses the same commands.


Stay (and that means stay...maybe wait until you take classes to teach this)
Down (that means lie down)
Off (that means to get off of something, vs. 'down')

Use his name before a command - to get his attention (not after).

"Jasper heel!"

Then praise when done properly "Good heel!"

Hope that's of some help.