New docile T title in our collection goes to


Aug 28, 2010
As far as our collection goes... How about you guys?

Our Avic Avic. Polaris is ridiculously tolerant and calm. Very skittish and fast though and will jump on occasion. She's so pretty and calm the wife who was afraid of spiders, has guaranteed holding her before she grows any bigger. LOL She's only 3.5" inches right now. The cutest lil critter.

The A. Metallica Andromeda is extremely calm but doesn't like to be bothered for the most part and won't rear up but just scrunch down on it's webbing. You'll have to pry it off. So I just don't like to force her away from it for the benefit of handling. Unnecessary.

The two G. Rosea females are calm but very very moody. We have to nudge and force movement away from their enclosures, which I just won't do unless I have to completely clean or re-house them. (rare) As far as handling, they aren't too tolerant of it. But if I can get our 5" (Lyra) out I feel she'll be the one to be held.

The two slings B. Vegan & LP are too small to gauge handling and docile temperament.

What is the most docile T in your collections if you had to choose only one?