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Mar 20, 2010
Well its that time of year when all of my late layers finally hatch! The first clutch of 17 was laid by a beautiful female snow corn and a hypo male. 16 of which hatched and all came out albino and anery. Some of which are very nice! Now my reverse striped females clutch of 6 are hatching and so far I have 2 motley anerys and 1 albino anery. The first motley anery is spotted all the way down too! Now I'm just waiting for the leucistic Texas ratsnake x hypo cornsnake (which was completely accidental) eggs to hatch. Those eggs are huge, 3X the size of my other cornsnake eggs, I'm sort of excited to see what they look like even though odds are, they will be extremely ugly! I will get some pics up today to include here! Breeding corns is interesting because its like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get, genetically that is...well, you know if chocolates had dna and uh....OK. And I do have them posted up here on AB if you are interested.
What I am Very excited about are my Rhamphiophis and Psammophis mossambicus breeding projects! I absolutely love African colubrids and have found them to be spectacular display animals, best I have ever had, and VERY hardy and easy to take care of! the Psammophiines are rear fanged and the Psammophis mossambicus in particular can give a fairly nasty bite with alot of swelling and bruising. But I am very fond of the genus and hope to start producing American CB African colubrids by next year with more regularity.
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