New Arrivals From Oberglatt/CH Show


Dec 10, 2010
Everybody getting Christmas presents made me quite jealous so I got my new year`s presents a little early :).

I didn`t have enough cash to score something like a M.balfouri (some people had a few up for sale for around 250 Chf!!!) but I got what I planned to get so I am quite happy.

Here is the queen of my sweetest nightmares, a young female P.murinus that I got for 30 Chf:

She teleported around the room right after I opened her little container to rehouse her. Quite the character as mentioned by you guys several times on here. Here is a little video of that:

The second one was a tiny A.versicolor spiderling that I fell in love with and purchased as my first avic for 15 Chf. It molted on the way home to grow a tiny little bit. The colors on this little fuzzball is just amazing:

Happy holidays to all...
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