New APTOR and his future girl friend,a RAPTOR leopard gecko!


Old Timer
Dec 14, 2009
I got him from LLLReptile.I live by their store,so i didn't have to pay for shipping.I actually got both from LLL,but i got the RAPTOR a few months ago at the same size as this new guy.I payee $30 for the APTOR,and $40 for the RAPTOR when she was smaller.I plan to breed each other together to get APTORs het RAPTOR,which i will breed back to get some nice patternless,and hopefully high carrot tail RAPTORs!RAPTORs are by far my favorite morph.

Here's the new APTOR:

He has really orange veins in his eyes:

And here's his future girl friend,a RAPTOR.She has solid red eyes,but i couldn't get a good pic of them...:

Thanks for looking!Tell me what you guys think of them!