New Aphonopelma blog

Terry D

Old Timer
Nov 21, 2009
Michael, Very interesting blog- especially in reference to probable oversplitting of species.

In the 3rd article you mention that Aphonopema do not use silk to capture their prey. I've noticed webbing holding dry blades of grass, etc. near the entrance of burrows but doesn't appear to extend down along burrow walls. I'm thinking now that this may be a product of a smaller sympatric species. I was told by another that these are triplines used by the tarantula to detect prey- and held this belief, although somewhat questionably, until now. I've sat still for a time at burrow entrances and dangled a grasshopper around the edge or slightly into, never getting a response. Drop it further into the burrow and BAM!

Thanks for the link and well-written overview of the North American reps of the genus.