New Addition to the collection! Orphnaecus philippinus!!

Tanner Dzula

Feb 29, 2016
Well, i was at a Local shop the other day, browsing around for a New Addition to the Collection. was torn between a P. Irminia/ or another OBT and i stumbled across this Little Orange Beauty and knew i had to have it. I put a few dollars down at the shop for them to hold it for a few days while i did some research on it, and went back and picked it up on friday!

Now, obviously there is a decent amount of information out there about them, though not nearly as much as id like, or as much as most other species, and i did a search on here for them, and mostly found sale pages and a few threads from a while back (i think the most recent one being ~a year ago about the new T keeper making a "horrible mistake" in getting one)
Si with that in mind, figured id make a post and Ask you more experienced keepers a few things I'm still looking to know. mostly things that a basic internet search isn't going to accurately convey.

So, here goes:

1. Speed.
Now obviously i know they are "fast", and not only that but Really fast. but that could really mean a lot of things, so for anybody who's owned this species, just how fast are they as an adult? obviously i know theres no true accurate estimate or measurement that can be used but like for example, are they like Pokie/Tappy fast? more around OBT/Babboon fast?

i saw one poster on another thread say basically that they could make GBB look like its moving in molasses, just wanted to know if anybody else could elaborate on that.

2. Substrate and enclosure.
Now from what I've read, most people seem to agree that(obviously) they are obligate burrowers. so i have that down. Lots of deep substrate. (though it was ironic finding a care sheet labeling them as arboreals, suggesting i have a large tall tank, and that they have *tendencies* to burrow)

but heres where i wanted more insight.
-As for the substrate, any particular type of substrate that you all would recommend? i have a vast abundance of Cocofiber available(bought 2 10lbs bricks while at the tuscan reptile show, only half way through one of them) but I've been seeing that they like the substrate very damp(not soaking wet but just always damp) and I've seen that cocofiber always seems to attract mold faster then some other substrates. if there anything you guys would recommend to mix with or as a substitute that wouldn't mold as easily?
and as far as shape and size of enclosure I've seen recommended keeping them like an OBT or any other obligate burrower, only a lot wetter, is that also the case?
if not, any ideas on a ideal set up? i have a good idea on what they need, but was hoping for examples, or maybe even pictures of Set ups they would thrive in.

3. Breeding.
Seeing as this is a species that is not very common where i currently live(have only seen these guys once before this at a shop/ with local Hobbiest. and other then at big reptiles expo's they don't seem to be common at all(even at expo's i haven't seen them) i would like to eventually find a partner for my current one and breed them(won't know sex for a while but either a male or female to pair with once i do know)
but wanted to know, as far as breeding, if anybody has successfully bred them before, Are they a hard species to breed? do they pair up well?
and if anybody knows about how Long do they usually take to mature for males/females?

Also including some Pics of the little guy. he's ~1" in size currently, and has already responded well to feeding, as today normally would have been his feed day at the shop, tossed in a little cricket and he immediately slaughtered it.

Thanks in advanced, any input/feedback is greatly appreciated!
also this guy marks lucky number 13 on my species list ;) so hopefully thats a good sign.