Nerve Problem?


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Feb 22, 2007
In terms of suffering, I don't think you need to worry too much. They're not really capable of it - it may be in discomfort, but most evidence points to them not really being aware of the discomfort.
I think it's only immoral to make an animals discomfort worse, unless it's done with the goal of improving discmfort in the long term (kinda hurting to heal). You're not doing that, you're trying to help, otherwise letting nature run it's course.


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Apr 9, 2006
odd moving

Didnt really look to me like ive seen on other diskenetic syndrome videos? Shes not staying in one place waving her legs all around. She does walk/sorta run, but the hunching posture has me thinking stressed out/ not comfortable in the environment. I dont really know either, but I would also as suggested let her be for now, provide a good dark hide, no direct light, maybe temp elevated a little,dont bother her at all, and see what happens. I wouldnt freeze her yet, she may still come out of it.


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Apr 23, 2004
those movements look NOTHING like what I think my N. chromatus and both my A. hurianas died of (dyskenetic syndrome). Mine couldn't even barely walk or climb...looked like they were plugged in to a light socket and just spazzed out.

I agree with whoever said that it looks like it's trying to hide while nerve problem that I see. How often do you "interact" with it?

Put it in a dark closet, keep it warm, don't give it any crix or anything for a few weeks, keep an eye on abdomen size in case it starts to shrink...and leave it alone. It seems to be quite stressed/insecure. Maybe give it a larger hide that it can easily fit in too. (edit: on second viewing the hide appears to be large enough, but hard to tell how much volume is really easily accessible inside)

...i just don't see anything wrong with it other than it appears stressed.