Need identification spider


Malleus Aranearum
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Mar 7, 2012
I found this spider in a transporter from China in my work. He was 3 months on boat with transport.
Please identify the spider.
This is a new corporate pet now :)
lenght : 7-9 cm
It looks like a huntsman spider (family Sparassidae, genus Heteropoda). I'm not sure what the other options are in China, but Heteropoda venatoria has been spread to many tropical and subtropical areas through global commerce.)

They hunt on foot and eat lots of pest insects like roaches.

They aren't dangerous to people despite what the common name "huntsman" might suggest.

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Aug 8, 2005
The eyes appear very similar to Venatoria or Olios. Hard to tell if the larger lower pair are inside, ala Olios, or outside, ala Ven. Judging from that bulgy butt it may be gravid. If it suddenly starts packing a shopping bag under it's chin we can take that as a positive on Sparassid.