Need Help Finding Some Time Sheet

Creepy Crawling Guy

Mar 6, 2017
a few weeks ago when i first got my first scorp i started on my research drive and come across a time sheet for each instar to the next molt and im having a difficult time to find that sheet again maybe some of you guys have that on bookmarks i need that page as a basis of my experiment

the things i remember from that sheet is how it looks like

1instar - X1
2instar - X2
3instar - X3
and so on where X1 is day of the birth upto 1st molt
X2 is day of 1st molt upto 2nd molt
i hope im making sense

i think im becoming obsess with scorpions

Red Eunice

Old Timer
Mar 2, 2014
If you have MS Xcel, you can create a custom spreadsheet to your own liking.
I have one for each specimen I keep.
Species, genus, sub family, native country, when acquired and size, max. adult size, sex and at the bottom space is for molt dates. Just print off what you need and save the file for future reprints.