N gordanus seems to be dying a slow death.


Feb 7, 2019
Hi everyone,
No end of trouble with these guys, for some reason... I have three of them. I was checking up on them a few days ago and noticed something subtle and worrisome. None of them were moving their antennae, even though they were for the most part crawling around okay. The antennae were just laid flat against their heads.
One of them was moving extra weirdly - constantly holding the front inch or so of his body in the air. It was really bizarre.

I left all three of them on top of the substrate on Monday night. Since then, two have burrowed but the third remained on the surface in a C shape with legs splayed out and practically upside down. It looked very dead from a first glance but I looked closer and it was ever so slightly moving its legs every once in a while.
The top few pairs of legs are curled up, antennae not moving, and the rest of the legs, like I said, are splayed out and move occasionally.

I've mistaken a molting millipede for dying before but I learned about a tell-tale sign that it's molting and not dying - the eyes will appear to be cast over and lightish. This one's eyes are as dark as ever. Besides, the molting millipede was curled up and this one is frozen in a C shape. From this it seems to be pretty clear that it's about to die.

The trouble is, I looked at it tonight and it's still in the exact same shape, frozen head and upper legs, only its lower legs sometimes flex slightly to show that it's still alive.

I'm starting to feel really bad for it. What do you guys think? Should I put it out of its misery and stick it in the freezer or something? Or do you think there's some kind of off chance that it's just molting?

Thanks in advance.



Sep 29, 2018
The most likely answer was in your other thread. You've been spraying roach poison and sprinkling diatomaceous earth around. These things travel easily, so my first thought would be some of it got in with the millipedes.


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Jul 11, 2016
That unfortunately looks very much like a dead/dying millipede. They tend to form the C-shape with legs splayed out when dead.