My versi got a persent, new home!


Sep 10, 2010
So i was fiddling with my glue gun bored to hell so i decided to make my versi a new home. Idea of making a small terrarium(that looks like a normal terrarium) came to me from fishkeeping where nano aquariums are quite en vogue.
She's(he?...) still small, just got over her 3'rd moult but she's a sweet looking T so i decided to move her to a bigger house.
2mm plexiglass, some hot glue(as i did not have any special plexi glue) some aluminium mesh, a rock and some corkbark and i made her this a simple but nice looking enclosure.
The rock is glued to the back of the terrarium and on the top of the rock i made her a corkbark platform.
The enclosure is 7/7/12 cm(that would be 2.7/2.7/4.7 inch).
The door has a plexi hinge and it opens downwards just like a normal size terrarium door would.
Perhaps a bit to big for the small versi but she feels quite at home.

P.S the ventilation holes are on the sides and on top of the enclosure, again, like in a normal size terrarium.
P.P.S way to many edits to correct my typos.