my phillipine 2010 trip


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Jun 1, 2009
well here is a few pics of some stuff i got a chance to take a pic of on my trip to the phillipines most all pics are took on the boracay island . wife and i had fun there . lots of stuff to do there

there is a bat cave there wich i got sevral good pictures of the residents there not best pics in the world but is was dark in the cave and not for the out of shape either , not path down and it was good 75 feet down slick rocks and only one flash light held by the guide lol

got to witness some spider fighting not what i expected couldnt get no real good pics as everybody crowed around betting . it seem sthe spiders like coke lol as that is one drinking coke out of my wifes hand guess it gets them ready for the fight lol

sevral crab pics and snails going back in april and will be going up in some mountains maybe get to see some cool stuff there