My newbieish questions :)


Jul 10, 2007

Fist I shall give some info about myself... I keep/feed/breed piranha fishes for years... And now I am looking for a new challenge. I decided to build a terrarium instead of some new fishies; I'm bored of predator fishes, it's been nearly 7years with fishes...

So I'm not a beginner on exotic animals... I can understand the nature of an exotic animal and can supply it correct environment it requires. (I mean correct heat, humidity, soil, etc)

I was thinking about a predator insect (insect? sorry I have no literal knowledge to fill here :))... I checked and searched for tarantulas, other spiders and scorpions. Honestly none of them took my attention and interest until I see the Peruvian Beast :) Peruvian giant centipede absolutely took my attention. It looks much more interesting than spiders and scorpions...

and... here are my questions:

1. Although as I said I'm not a beginner on exotic animals, I have zero experience with centipedes... Both phisically and literally... in this case, will a giant centipede be right for me? Can I be succesful? I loved the Peruvian most... is it a good specimen to begin with?

2. I have a 110gallon tank. Many guys say a 10-20gallon tank will be enough... At first, I think my pede will be extremely happy in this huge tank with plants and rocks, but... Do you think there are disadvantages of keeping a pede in this kind of huge tank? Or will be able to keep more than 1 in this kind of tank? Will they fight?

3. Will it accept meat? Is it bad for its health? Because it is almost impossible for me to give him alive crickets and worms regularly.

4. I'm located in Turkey, Europe... I haven't checked local petstores but if I cannot find a centipede locally... I have got some friends and relatives all around the world... I have checked the forums and some people say "I have ordered centipedes from Germany" etc... Will these centipedes survive these kind of an overseas journey? If positive, what is the best way to ship a centipede overseas?

Thank you in advance, and sorry if these questions were asked before, I searched but couldn't find...


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Oct 9, 2006
I don't know much about centipedes but I do know that centipedes can feed on meat but more so on living food. The tank you have already is a bit big but I think you could manage it. Some people will say that you should start with something like a S. subspinipes but I think that as long as you can keep the centipede in good condition you can keep any centipede. Centipedes are not exactly friendly but there are people on here that have managed to become 'friends' with some (cacoseraph). I think your only trouble will be locating the centipede. You want the Scolopendra gigantea am I correct? Good luck with everything.


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May 10, 2007
the peruvian giant centipede/S. gigantea sounds like a perfect centipede to start with, except they're hard to acquire and very expensive in the first place.

you might not be able to find your pede in a 110 gallon tank.


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Mar 28, 2007
if you are from turkey you should try to catch some scolopendra cingulatas in the wild (i dont know if they live in all parts of turkey but they do live there)
its not a big species but a nice looking one and easy for you to acquire.