My New B. smithi is on the Way! Yaaay!


Old Timer
Dec 21, 2003
Today, someone has just email me that he already shipped out the spiders, a female B. smithi and G. rosea. It should be here on Wednesday. I can't wait for them. Yaaay! Both the spiders are nine years old.

I do have a question regarding the B. smithi . Is nine year old enough of a female redkneed to breed? If not, how many more years do I have to wait? See I have already choosen a male for her mate, but he's not mature yet; he's only two years old, but he is big. I've raised the male myself from spiderling since the color wasn't even visible yet. I gave it to someone for a present, but I know he will lend it to me if wanted to breed them in the future. Stan Schultz said it may take as long as 15 years for male Mexican red kneed to mature! Is there anyway I can speed this up a bit? How long does it take it to mature with powerfeeding?


Old Timer
Feb 13, 2006
Its not time and number of years you are waiting for with the Smithi's its the size. The female should be 5" at least. Once she is that size she can be mated. I have had a few good breedings with a 4.5" female but it's an odd mating because the male is so much bigger then the male.
Smithi males taking 15 years to mature? Maybe who knows. I have raised a few from sling to mature in 4 years or less. But in the wild with food being scarce sometimes I guess I can see that happening.
If your female is 5"+ there is a MM in the for sale section that just went up a few hours ago, a decent price to if you want a male outright no breeding loans.