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My Male Aphonopelma chalcodes, Arizona Blonde Died Today

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by John Paiz, Jan 15, 2020.

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    My wild caught male az blonde died today in my hand. He was a very mild mannered and a docile tarantula. My kids loved him. MVIMG_20200115_154816.jpg

    I never thought I would be attached to a spider. He was great. I saved him from crossing a highway about 4 months ago. He was alive but struggling to walk today. I picked him up then he just stopped moving. The way he was walking I knew the end was near. RIP my friend, Aragog.
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  2. spideyspinneret78

    spideyspinneret78 Arachnopeon Active Member

    Sorry to hear that. When I lost my first tarantula, I was surprised about just how sad I was. When you observe their quirky habits and daily behaviors you get attached to them, just like you would any other pet. It's amazing how attached we can get to our little 8 legged friends.
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  3. Brachyfan

    Brachyfan Arachnobaron Active Member

    Sorry for your loss. He probably was at the end of his lifespan as I think I can see tibial hooks. Awesome that you took him in.
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  4. Colorado Ts

    Colorado Ts Arachnosquire Active Member

    I get it...I really do.

    ...ask yourself, “Did it live a good life?” And if the answer is “yes”...then you did a good job.
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  5. i knew nothing of the species until I rescued him. I'm glad I did. Its better than him being runover or eaten by some random bird or wasp. He would just fall asleep in my hands or on my chest. He would crawl all over my kids, no aggression what so ever. Great species.

    We did every thing we could for him. A nice large home. Crickets on the regular. Fresh water every day. Quiet and natural habitat. It was a pleasure. Changed everyone's view around us about tarantulas. Our cat even liked him!
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  6. Colorado Ts

    Colorado Ts Arachnosquire Active Member

    Then it lived a good life. And you did well.
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  7. Rbed2

    Rbed2 Arachnopeon

    SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS. We do get attached. i have a MM A. avic. i was bummed out when he first hooked out but he has somehow become one of my favorites. Hes been mature Since this Past June(06/19). Not sure what he has left.
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  8. Jewels

    Jewels Arachnopeon

    I'm sorry to hear that you lost your rescued T. When I lost my first one I was so sad I cried. His name was Tigger and he was an OBT. They may have 8 legs but I consider them family and I love them so much. They really are amazing creatures.
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  9. Vanessa

    Vanessa Grammostola Groupie Arachnosupporter

    Every year people come across them and they are given the same advice - let the males carry on to do what they have to do. That advice is not given only because they need to keep their own kind going for future generations, but because mature males do not really make appropriate captives. Most are not eating, or drinking, anymore and they are at the very end of their lives.
    I hope you will consider going to a dealer if you're thinking of staying in the hobby.
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  10. After doing considerable research I think my T was actually a A. Hentzi not a Chalcodes. Either way he was great. We are now buying a couple of different beginner/starter species from a dealer, including another A. Hentzi.

    I have helped many tarantulas cross the road before getting squished or injured. I just felt that a I had connection with this one.
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