my guinea pig is a barber


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Jul 3, 2004
i have 2 guinea pigs..they are siblings (so i was told). they share a cage. the one is starting to short hair around the i googled and found out some guinea pigs barber (chew off the hair). figured it was mini that did the chewing on her sister munchie...wrong! munchie is the barber...but not only will she barber her own fur...she will go after any and all hair that is in reach. she loves sitting on shoulders or on the couch...sneaking closer to my daughter's long well the little brat (the guinea) is now starting to attack my hair every time she comes near me. have to hide my pony tail...and she will follow and then just go for the hair that isn't in the pony tail...the bangs, the hair close to the head... she gets food (the guinea pig food mix), timothy hay or timothy hay blocks, carrots...but she thinks she needs hair also :wall:

Cirith Ungol

Ministry of Fluffy Bunnies
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Dec 22, 2004
Does she eat the hair? Is there maybe something you could add to the diet to make it stop?

Miss Bianca

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May 14, 2008
I have the same thing going on with Reeses and Zoe...

at one point Reeses (peruvian silky) has a long luxurious coat,

now she looks like it was professionally styled. (Short)
Zoe has done it since we first introduced them.

They do eat it by the waY, and can get hairballs like cats do.

I've been excusing her because she's expecting but I do hope it stops.

Theres always a dominant one in a pair, but I definitely don't like it.