My gear, setup, and results (Canon)


Jan 31, 2018
I am new to the boards, so I apologize if this is in the wrong spot. Just looking through a lot of the posts I saw that many had questions on good lenses for macro. For some background on me, I have been shooting macro for well over ten years. I started with a Canon SD1000 point and shoot, and eventually worked my way up to my current setup of a 5D Mk IV and the MP-E 65mm 1x-5x. In between I had an APS-C body and the 100mm f/2.8 USM macro lens. I love shooting primarily spiders, but any arthropod will do. I have been known to take some photos of other things, but arachnids are my favorite.

My Gear:

So like I said above, I am currently shooting with the 5D Mk IV and the MP-E 65mm, with the MT-24EX for light. Here's a photo of that setup:

Currently I do not use the 1.4x teleconverter (the white piece between the body and the lens), and technically this was when I had my 5D Mk II, but same difference. The important part is the diffusion element on the front:

The diffusion element is to soften the light from the MT-24EX. It's made of Lee filter gels that I cut. Something like 2x lux and a couple frost gels. I used to use paper towels, which worked, but gels work much better. The GoPro was pretty fun for a while, but just got in the way. I got some great videos of me trying to get some of the jumpers.

I only shoot in RAW (and as should you!), with my settings being pretty consistent. I've found that I'm almost always shooting at 1/200s, ISO400, and f/9-f/13. The light from the MT-24EX is always at 1/4 on each head unless it's dark out, then I back down to 1/8.


"Yeah, yeah, yeah, we see you have the gear, but do you take good photos?"

I'm pretty proud of where I have come with my photography, and I think the results are decent. I recently acquired a pet P. audax, who had served as a great model. Here's some photos of him:

This was pre-molt, when I still thought he was a "she" :p

Right after molting. You can still see residue on his eyes.

Colors started to come in nicely.

Very curious little guy.

A more recent one.

And this one is from a couple days ago.

And to round the results section out, one of my more popular photos on Instagram, a fly that was overcame by fly death fungus, Entomophthora muscae. This was also before I got my nifty watermark and was just using plain type.

I hope you like my photos, and if you have any questions be sure to ask. I love talking about photography as much as I do taking the photos. I'd also be interested in your gear and photos too!


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Apr 11, 2010
Very nice! Are these single shots or stacks?


Mar 14, 2018
That mp-e 65mm is amazing. Im going to get one this summer. Love jumping spider photography. Incredible shots.