My first tarantula!


Aug 30, 2016
If anybody remembers this thread, and the rapport that came with it, well I got one.

Grammostola Pulchripes - Sling

I've had her, (I think its a she) since december 2016. She is so cute, small and fluffy. As of right now, she's not eating anything, so I assume she's in pre-molt. You'll see from the pictures I attach regardless. I honestly thought, she would die in the first month of my care. Still going strong, and my my what a little digger! If there is any problems with the enclosure you can see, please tell me.
Many thanks to everyone who commented on/gave advice on the thread I listed. @EulersK I went with your recommendation.

I have watched some of your YT videos, and you know your stuff. Every beginner species you mentioned, I will probably acquire in this year to come. Again, thanks to everyone who gave advice/commented. Anything I should keep in mind for the future of Ungoliant ? (That's her name). Last picture is outdated, but shows some of my enclosures. The one inbetween the red tweezers and toolboxes is Ungoliants' enclosure.