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My first T -- G. Pulchra Sling

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by XDemureX, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. XDemureX

    XDemureX Arachnopeon

    Hi all! I'm very happy to actually belong to this community now. I researched for MONTHS before I bought my tarantula -- it was between B. Smithii, B. Abopilosum, or G. Pulchra. I went with the last because the breeder didn't have many left and I knew that sometimes they were hard to find. So, here's my little 1 inch baby. His name is Faust. :D


    Can you see the cricket in his mouth? It's a bit blurry because it's a freeze frame from a video (my mother, who is terrified of spiders, heard that he was a "baby" and asked me to send her a video of him right away! Awww.)

    I made a starter burrow for him towards the middle of his new home, but he wasn't having it and decided to make his own right next to the plastic. His idea is much better, I can see him in his little burrow now! ;)
  2. snakebytes

    snakebytes Arachnosquire

    Welcome to the community. That is a very cool first T. I definitely would have gone with the pulchra over the Brachys as well, but all 3 would have been a good start.

  3. killy

    killy Arachnoknight

    Hey Demure, way to go! The pulchra was my third T - he took to his man-made burrow like a duck to water, and wasted no time expanding it to his liking - he remained in the burrow for quite a while (I named him Caveman), but just lately he's been spending more time "up top."

    My first T was the smithi, and I'm happy with both of them.

    So glad to have you with us. We'll talk ....:cool:
  4. Shagrath666

    Shagrath666 Arachnobaron

    good choice first T, have fun watching him/her grow and be your little buddy.so now here is the all important question...

    you've got one, now what kind will you get as your second? third?.....fiftyith? haha
  5. Congrats! :clap:

    once you hooked you are hooked ... lol

    Soon it will be in stead of "just one" to "just one more" :}
  6. unitard311

    unitard311 Arachnoknight

    I have one of these little guys too. I can't wait for it to grow grow grow!
  7. Heloderm

    Heloderm Arachnopeon

    Sweet, congrats! I'm pretty new to the community as well. I had a pinktoe for a short while and now a red knee. A friend kept the red knee and I finally have it at my place. Just picked up one of these guys (planning on getting more before they are all gone!) and a antilles pink toe. They are so addicting, I thought reptiles were bad! The good thing is most t's are reasonably priced, the bad thing is they don't take up much room so you can get a million of them!
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