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My first sling has molted

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by mozkaynak, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. mozkaynak

    mozkaynak Arachnosquire

    I am so excited to announce that my first sling (G. pulchra) molted yesterday.
    I never expected it molted because it was eating crix just fine. I even thought it was dying but luckily I was able to consult people at the ArachnoChat.
    It was .75" when I bought it about 2 weeks ago not it is definitely bigger (about 1").
    I removed the old skin from the enclosure and will wait 1 week to resume feeding.
  2. lilmoonrabbit

    lilmoonrabbit Arachnoknight

    congrats on the molt!
  3. unitard311

    unitard311 Arachnoknight

    molts always make you feel good! I had two go in the same night, congrats.
  4. Fyreflye

    Fyreflye Arachnoknight

    Gratz! Is this your first T, then? I was super excited when i had my first molt a few months ago, it's a special experience. I've been keeping my two slings' exos in a little container, it's interesting to see how each one gets bigger as they go. If you have a camera, get some pics to share!
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