My first homemade backdrop!


Feb 8, 2017
Hi, everyone! Thought I'd share my most recent project and get your opinions on it. I've been working on my A. avic, Morticia's next enclosure that she will be rehoused into once she recovers a bit more from her recent molt, and I decided to make my own full backdrop for it.

I used bark that I scavenged from a fallen tree near my home (which I heat treated before use), a 15"x6"x1/2" foam board from a diorama kit from Wal-Mart, GE brand black silicone II, Fluker's moss, and coco fiber substrate. I plan to add some plants for more web anchor points when I get it all set up.


What do you all think? What backdrops have you made, and how did you make them?
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